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Saturday, 25 August 2012

Top 10 Most Expensive Houses in the World

List of World’s Most Expensive Houses

House Name
Current Value
Gold house
$ 12.2 Billion
$ 1.00 Billion
Villa Leopolda
$ 736 Million
The Penthouse
$ 225 Million
Henley Mansion
$ 218 Million
Fairfield Pond
$ 198 Million
Hearst Mansion
$ 165 Million
Franchuk Villa
$ 161 Million
The Pinnacle
$ 155 Million
The Manor
$ 150 Million

10. The Manor

Built in 1991 by Aaron Spelling and modeled after a French chateau, it covers 58,000 square feet and has 123 rooms, bowling alley, a gym, pool, tennis court, movie theater, and an entire wing for Spelling’s wife’s wardrobe. Situated in Los Angeles, California it is the most expensive residential real estae listing in the States with a price tag of $ 150 Million.

9. The Pinnacle

The biggest house in the exclusive “Yellowstone Club” ski and golf community in Montana, this structure has 10 bedrooms, fireplaces in every bathroom and a unique chair lift directly from back door to the nearby ski-resort. Owned by Tim Blixseth this place is currently priced at $ 155 Million, it is rather a ski-resort than a house.

8. Franchuk Villa

The five storey Victorian Villa complete with marble panelling and basement swimming pools, this structure boasts 21,000 square feet of living space with 20 foot high ceilings, a sauna, gym, movie theatre, and news room. Another standard feature it includes is a panic room that is present in almost every multi-million dollar mansion. Located in Kensigton, London, England it was bought by Ukrainian businesswoman Elena Franchuk and considered the world’s most expensive single residential dwelling at $161 Million.

7. Hearst Mansion

Built by newspaper tycoon William Randolph Hearst, this massive creation was also featured in the movie “The Godfather”. Residing in Beverly Hills, Californai, it includes 6 residences,29 bedrooms, 3 pools, a nightclub and tow giant towers modeled after the church of Santa Maria Mayor of Spain. This is where the 35th President of United States John F. Kennedy spent his hhoneymoon and is currently priced at $165 Million.

6. Ira Rennert (Fairfield Pond)

Currently the most valuable home in United States, built on over 110,000 square feet with 66,000 square-foot main house with 29 bedrooms and 39 bathrooms, this is the fourth most expensive house on our list. This palace is completed with a basketball court, bowling alley, two tennis courts, two squash courts and a $150,000 hot tub managed to have a property tax of $397,559 in 2007 and is currently valued at $198 Million.

5. Henley Mansion

This extravagant mansion covers almost 3000 square metres of livin space complete with state-of-the-art security system, helipad,spa complex, home cinema and two golf courses. Now owned by a Russian billionaire for $218 Million, this structure is 300-years old now with numerous stories of haunting and a dark past to back all up.

4. The Penthouse at One Hyde Park

Third on the list is the $225 Million flat in London’s richest quarter. Neighbouring 82 other apartments in the building costing more than $9000 per square foot, the building features bulletproof windows, iris scanners and “panic room” for security purposes with British SAS watching over the building. Reports of the pending penthouse also include floor-to-ceiling refrigerators and a 24-hour room service

3. Villa Leopolda

Built by King Leopold II of Belgium in 1902, is a 27 stories summer home with 19 bedrooms and 50 full-time gardeners. This spectacular home in French Reviera of 29,00 square foot has one of the best beachfront views in the south of France. Formerly owned by the richest person in the world Bill Gates, this masterpiece stands at the staggering price of around $736 Million in the market today.

2. Antilla

It  had set the record for the most expensive house in the world was set in 2009 when Indian miltibillionaire Mukesh Ambani moved to their new home “Antilla” in Mumbai, India. Built in accordance with Vaastu Shastra, this modern day palace is 570 feet tall, 27-storey with six floors of parking, a health level with jacuzzi, gym and “ice room”, a ballroom level, four story garden and floors with bedrooms and bathrooms along with a staff of around 600. Each floor is unique in its design looking like a different house with every next level. The current price for this house stands at $ 1.00 Billion.

1. Gold house

Currently rumored to be the most expensive house ever built costing over $ 12.2 Billion by "King of Bling", Stuart Hughes, is the house located in a secret location in Switzerland. Known as the world’s first “Gold-house”, with 200.000 kilograms of solid gold and platinum fixtures and fittings and the specially designed flooring made from meteoric stone with shavings of original 65 million year old T-Rex Dinosaur bones embedded in each tile. Sitting on 2,442 square meters, it has living space of 752 square meters with 338 square meters of terrace, wine cellar of 25 square meters, 8 rooms and a 4 car garage. It might be a little over-exaggerated according to the sources.









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